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Child Health Check - Goa

Child Health Check - Goa

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Childhood is a time of rapid growth and change. Hence, it is crucial to make sure they stay healthy and developing normally.
Tests: 8 Consultations: 4
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Rs. 1,275

Blood Investigations

  • Complete Blood Count ( HB, TC, DC, ESR)
  • Random Blood Sugar
  • Blood group & RH Factor 
  • Sr. Calcium, Sr Phosphorous, Sr Creatnine 
  • Urine Analysis and Microscopy 
  • Stool microscopy & occult blood 

ENT examination 

  • Audiogram
  • Impedance Testing 


  • Dentist, Pediatrician, Dietician, Eye Specialist

Child Health Check

  • Basic blood investigation along with ENT examination.
  • Consultation with a Dentist, Pediatrician, Dietician and Eye Specialist.

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