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Advanced Cardiac Care Plus - Manipal Hospital, Bangalore - Malleshwaram

Advanced Cardiac Care Plus - Manipal Hospital, Bangalore - Malleshwaram

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Tests: 3 Consultations: 1
Rs. 5,000


  • Homocysteine
  • Lipoprotein(A)
  • Apolipo Protein A1 & B


  • Cardiologist

It always pays to keep a check on your heart’s health. This basic Cardiac Care package has been designed with the sole objective to keep your heart healthy by detecting any anomalies well in advance. Three essential tests which ascertain the exact condition of your can help our experts recommend you the best practices like diet, work outs and medications if necessary that can keep your heart going on for long.

  • 3 tests especially designed to detect heart disorders.
  • Consultation with a high-class cardiologist.

Important Instructions

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    Health Checkup Can be availed only for 18+ Years
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    The patient should reach the hospital by 8 AM with 10-12 hours of an empty stomach. He/she should be fasting for a minimum of 10 hours. They can have water, but not hot or cold beverages.
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    No Physician and Gynaecology consultation will not be done on Sundays & Public holidays
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    Platinum Health Check is expected to be completed within 2 days.

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