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Weight Loss Silver Package - Manipal Hospital, Old Airport Road

Weight Loss Silver Package - Manipal Hospital, Old Airport Road

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Taking care of one's health is extremely necessary in today's busy and stress filled lifestyle. This silver package offers a thorough basic checkup for the wellness of your body.
Tests: 13 Consultations: N/A
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Rs. 2,999

Manipal Fitness Program is a comprehensive program designed for safe and effective weight-loss under the supervision of experienced doctors who are experts in medical and surgical weight management. The program involves through check up at inception along with the necessary medical tests. After evaluation a weight loss consultant will advise you on the best method to lose weight. Also, the program provides access to qualified nutritionists, exercise and yoga instructors available for consultation and advice.

Type Includes Online (Y/N) Silver
(1 Month)
(3 Months)
(6 Months)
Diagnostics Physical Assessment / BCA Analysis In-person 1 2 3
Thyroid Profile- T3, T4 , TSH In-person 1 2 3
Diabetes Evaluation-FBS, PPBS, Hb1Ac In-person 1 2 3
Lipid Profile-
Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, VLDL, triglyceride
In-person 1 2 3
ECG In-person 1 2
TMT/ECHO In-person 1
Wellness Nutritionist Online 2 6 12
Group Class (Fitness/ Yoga) In-person 2 4 6
Fitness Training Online 6 12
Yoga / Meditation Training Online 12
Personal Chat (App / SMS / WhatsApp) Online Yes Yes Yes
Group Coaching (App / SMS / WhatsApp) Online Yes Yes Yes
Diet Plan Online Yes Yes Yes
Weekly lifestyle reports Online Yes Yes Yes
Weekly Newsletter Online Yes Yes Yes
Workout Plan Online Yes Yes
Health Calculator In-person Yes Yes
Wearable Device Yes
Clinical Weight Loss Consultant In-person 2 4 6
Psychology In-person 1 2 3
Package Price Rs.2999 Rs.7999 Rs.13999
Price per day Rs.100 Rs.89 Rs.78

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